helygen (helygen) wrote in serenity2005,

Serenity2 photos

Despite the fact that I suffer from terminal camera-shake, and my carefully set settings had gone totally squiffy by the time I got to the con huh.gif, I've uploaded my Serenity 2 photos for posterity.

I had a fab weekend, as always, made all the better by the wonderful people I met there. Y'all know who you are =D

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Those are great photos! *memories come flooding back*

I think my fave is the one right at the end, of the Jedi chefs attacking on the bridge! :)
I didn't see much of them this weekend, which is strange, but it wouldn't feel like a Starfury event without them :)
No, they seemed strangely absent until Sunday - I went down to the foyer for a smoke and saw one sitting on that big circular seat down there, which was odd, to say the least.

But you're right, it wouldn't be Starfury without them :)